Zoe Butler Physiotherapist

Zoe has recently returned to Hobart after 11 years in Adelaide and Melbourne. She brings with her a strong interest in holistic practice working with a variety of clients, including special interests of spinal pain (acute and chronic), re-occurring or chronic injuries, and complex pain presentations. Her treatment focuses very strongly on assessment of the whole body and systems, movement re-programming and education. The main aim being to give you control over your symptoms.

Zoe is a huge fan of Clinical Pilates, McKenzie Method, Acupuncture and Dry Needling (she practices both styles) and will likely use 1 or all in your recovery. If you are lucky enough to get some Acupuncture, be prepared for a snooze on the bed (yes, it is that painless you can fall asleep).

In her spare time, Zoe is on the committee of the Australian Society for Acupuncture Physios. She also loves to stay active by playing hockey, running, swimming, hiking and just generally getting outside. And if there is any time left, she is madly into pattern and dressmaking.

Zoe is currently on Maternity Leave and is not seeing patients.