While growing up Desire enjoyed participating in sports including Gymnastics, Athletics and International Korball. She travelled internationally and competed in numerous World Cups playing International Korball, representing her birth country, South Africa. This forged within her a deep understanding and great appreciation for body mechanics and movement aesthetics and so, she pursued a career as a Biokineticist (Exercise Physiologist).

Desire graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa with an honours degree in both Sport Science and Biokinetics. She has over 11 years’ experience in rehabilitative treatment of sports injuries and pain syndromes, by means of evidence-based exercise prescription.

During the time working as a Biokinetist, Desire was drawn towards manual soft tissue therapy and recognized the passion and intuition she had ‘to be more hands on’.

She immigrated to Australia in 2017 and decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy and has been successfully working as a Remedial Massage Therapist since then. She has gained a wealth of experience treating the general public of all ages, people with disability and elite sport athletes, including some of the Australian Olympic swimmers, 2021 Olympic Australian Track Cyclist Team, CrossFit Elite athletes and Rugby League players.

Drawing from her insights and experience as a Biokineticist, she sees the value in identifying movement patterns and seeks to understand the myofascial connections and its role in the body, considering how interdependent it is with other body systems.

Desire strives to adjust dysfunctional myofascial patterns by manipulating the musculoskeletal and connective tissues and unwinding the tissue restrictions and tension in the myofascia, thus enabling the body to naturally adjust, and jumpstarting a series of physiological effects that eliminates chronic physical, emotional, and mental stress.

To achieve this, Desire uses and is well versed in an array of techniques including,

  • Dry Needling and Advanced Dry Needling techniques
  • Myofascial Cupping (dynamic cupping and electronic)
  • Rock blade IASTM
  • Joint mobilizations and Trigger point therapy
  • Kinesiology taping and Rock tape
  • Stability and proprioception exercise prescription
  • Deep tissue and Sports massage
  • MET/PNF stretching and active and positional release techniques
  • Myofascial techniques

She is passionate about ‘this miracle working machine called the body’ and finds great joy in working with people and making them aware of how their body structure influences the functions of their body.

So, whether you are minimally active or doing competitive sport, everybody’s body is contending with gravity and internal body forces which all affect the tensional homeostasis of their bodies and can therefore benefit from regular massage.

Desire will meet you where you are at with just the right amount of treatment pressure to promote ease of movement and prevent possible future injury,

When she isn’t working, she enjoys socializing with her family and friends, participating in and soon to be Coaching CrossFit.