Hand Therapy

The Hand Therapy Group are recognised leaders in therapy for the hand and upper limb. Lead by Director, Dr Anne Wajon, PhD, the practice employs highly qualified and experienced hand therapists in Sydney (physiotherapists and occupational therapists) who offer expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with hand and upper limb pain or dysfunction.

We provide specialised hand therapy services in various locations throughout northern Sydney covering the management of hand and arm conditions. Our staff work very closely with consultant hand surgeons, general practitioners, rheumatologists, sports physiotherapists and referring doctors.

We are happy to communicate with insurance companies, WorkCover, rehabilitation providers, employers and your local physiotherapist, at your discretion.

We are very happy for you to contact us to discuss whether we might be able to help with your condition.

Our therapeutic modalities may include:

  • Application of EXOS fracture brace
  • Application and removal of waterproof fiberglass casts
  • Fabrication and fitting of custom made neoprene supports for thumb and wrist
  • Fabrication of leather wrist braces
  • Fabrication of thermoplastic splints, both static and dynamic
  • Desensitisation techniques including vibration, immersion and tapping
  • Electrotherapy modalities, including laser, TENS and ultrasound
  • Ergonomic modifications
  • Exercise therapy, including stretches, strengthening and proprioceptive exercises
  • Functional assessment and advice on activities of daily living
  • Joint protection and energy conservation for arthritis
  • Mobilisation techniques
  • Oedema and wound management, including dressing changes
  • Application of plaster back-slabs
  • Scar management, including application of silicone products
  • Serial casting for joint contracture
  • Sports taping for thumb, fingers and wrist
  • Work and activity hardening

No referral is necessary for hand therapy services unless the case is covered under Workers Compensation, Third Party Insurance or DVA. In this instance, please speak to your General Practitioner to request a referral at your nearest clinic.

For more information, please visit the Hand Therapy website.