Massage at Allsports Physio

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy focuses on muscle and joint conditions, helping to reduce and relieve pain in these areas.

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal issues, a physiotherapist can support your recovery, improving mobility, strength, coordination and flexibility.

A physiotherapist can establish a plan with exercises and tips to prevent further injury and specifically tailor it to the area of concern.

Spinal Physiotherapy

With spinal injuries being often caused by poor posture, heavy lifting and falls, it is one of the more common reasons to seek a physiotherapist.
Spinal Physiotherapy helps to reduce and relieve neck, upper or lower body and SIJ pain and have you feeling your best.

Neck, Headache & Jaw Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist can assess pain concerns in your neck and jaw, to diagnose and treat headaches. As there are many different causes for headaches, a physiotherapist can rule out some options and point you in the right direction for further support.

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