Physiotherapist South Australia

The Allsports Physiotherapy Group is proud to be providing excellence in physiotherapy care to each and every patient by offering a unique, multidisciplinary approach to injury management and rehabilitation. With clinic locations within South Australia and trained professionals who are dedicated to treating your individual needs, you can rest assured that we have your allied health needs covered.

South Australia is a state within Australia that is famous for its scenery, tourism and award-winning wine. Despite covering most of the arid parts of the country, South Australia is rich with wildlife, lush greenery and pristine beaches. Known as ‘the festival state’, cities such as Adelaide are cosmopolitan in nature and filled to the brim with events, the arts, food, film and sports. For wine lovers, the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills are only hours apart and surround the city of Adelaide. Other popular tourist destinations that are a must-see when in South Australia are Kangaroo Island, Coober Pedy, Mount Gambier, Glenelg, Flinders Chase National Park and Flinders Ranges.

Our Key Services in South Australia

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

    Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

    Musculoskeletal physiotherapy focuses on muscle and joint conditions, helping to reduce and relieve pain in these areas.

  • Sports Physiotherapy

    Sports Physiotherapy

    Sports Physiotherapy specifically focusses on sports related injuries, as the strain that can be put on the body during sports differs to general muscle and joint issues.

  • Physiotherapy


    Our South Australia physiotherapists use a multidisciplinary approach to offer individualised treatment for patients from all walks of life. With a diverse and comprehensive knowledge of injury management and rehabilitation, our therapists deliver excellence in the treatment of all sporting and non-sporting conditions, injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Pilates & Physiotherapy Exercise

    Pilates & Physiotherapy Exercise

    Physiotherapist-run exercise sessions are a specialised form of exercise devised by our South Australia physiotherapists using spring-loaded Pilates equipment to improve body control, strength and balance.

  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology

    Our South Australia exercise and lifestyle programs are for everyone, a healthy individual, suffering from chronic diseases, recovering from an injury or training as an elite athlete. Accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs) are allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.

  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Dry needling is a treatment that we offer in our South Australia clinics that implements single-use sterile acupuncture needles which are inserted into the muscle fibre. This causes the muscle to twitch and therein help a tight muscle relax. This form of treatment is effective at reducing pain and other pain disorders.

  • Hydrotherapy


    Hydrotherapy is a form of therapeutic exercise conducted in warm water under the supervision of a physiotherapist at one of our South Australia clinics. Hydrotherapy, or aquatic physiotherapy, utilises the properties of water to assist in reducing pain and improving function. One of the major benefits of hydrotherapy is that therapeutic exercise occurs in an environment that reduces the load on weight-bearing joints.

  • Health Funds

    Health Funds

    At Allsports Physio Group we are passionate about providing all our patient’s treatment options that lead to better health outcomes for not only themselves, but their families too. Being a preferred provider of a health fund means that our clinics may allow you access to exclusive benefits dependent on your level of cover.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

    National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

    Allsports Physiotherapy is a proud supporter of the NDIS and are a registered NDIS provider. Allsports Physio is registered for a number of support categories including both Therapeutic Supports and Early Childhood Supports enabling us to support you or your child across the lifespan.

  • Balance & Exercise Classes

    Balance & Exercise Classes

    Our Balance & Exercise classes are held in our fully-airconditioned South Australia facilities, where participants will have their balance challenged as well as their musculoskeletal system trained in a range of different ways using a variety of equipment exclusively available to this class. 

  • Sporting Team Services

    Sporting Team Services

    Allsports Physiotherapy Group clinics within South Australia have a long and proud history of supporting athletes and sporting teams from all levels of competition including professional organisations, grass roots communities and school organisations.