Exercise Oncology refers to the exercise prescription for a person who has or has had cancer. Cancer, and the required treatment can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Evidence supports exercise during and after cancer treatments as it reduces the side effects of treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Exercise has been shown to improve muscular endurance, decrease symptoms of fatigue, increase muscle mass, improve balance and flexibility, reduce chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy and myalgia, and enhance quality of life. There is also some emerging evidence that it can help improve effectiveness of some treatments.

Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals that use their expertise in exercise to prescribe safe and appropriate exercise for cancer patients. Collaborating with an exercise physiologist ensures that the exercise prescription is targeted and individualised according to the patient and cancer specific considerations. Our exercise physiologists use an individualised evidence-based assessment process, which incorporates cancer specific considerations and detailed patient history to collaboratively formulate an exercise plan specific to the individual’s goals. Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can be a long and challenging journey, and while the benefits of exercise are well established, knowing how and where to start can be difficult. This is where seeing an exercise physiologist is most beneficial. We aim to enable patients to learn the necessary skills to incorporate exercise into their lives for the long term.

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