Occupational Therapy Treatment

Occupational therapy focuses on working with clients to improve their independence and ability to perform daily tasks.  Whether it’s working with clients to achieve their goals of shopping, cooking, learning or living independently, occupational therapists will promote health and wellbeing through the support that they provide.

Occupational Therapy is recognised as playing a pivotal role in improving health outcomes. Assisting with recovery, staying safe, improving independence and increasing participation in social and community activities. Allsports Physio is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to high quality, timely and reliable occupational therapy services. Regardless of who you are, what you need, and where you live, we are here to help you.

Our occupational therapists work with clients of all ages and abilities.

Our Approach

Our occupational therapy services are established in collaboration with clients, being individualised and goal focused to the needs of the client.  For ease and convenience, treatment is delivered to our clients in their homes, workplaces or local community settings.

Allsports Physio’s occupational therapists can work individually as your only practitioner, or as part of a broader Multi-Disciplinary team including physiotherapists and exercise Physiologists.  Regardless of the breadth of services implemented, the needs and goals of the client remains the focus for all of the support services provided.

If you are seeking occupational therapy under the NDIS, we are fully registered. We are accepting all referrals.