High Performance testing Parkwood

Allsports Physio now offers High Performance Testing within our Parkwood clinic, servicing customers throughout the south-east Queensland regions.

This includes:

  • ACL rehabilitation and return to play testing
  • Shoulder rehabilitation and return to play testing
  • Foot and ankle rehabilitation and return to play testing
  • Spinal rehabilitation and return to play testing
  • Groin rehabilitation and return to play testing
  • Running gait kinematic video analysis

Offering comprehensive testing batteries for the above injuries to help inform exercise prescription for rehabilitation, our aim is to achieve ultimate suitability to return to play.

Each testing protocol has been designed using the best available evidence and utilises cutting-edge technology. This includes (but is not limited to) load cell isometric testing, VALD ForceDecks (force platform), VALD ForceFrame and slow-motion kinematic video analysis.

The data collected is referenced to normative data for the individual’s sport, or known standards based on our internal data collection. This allows us to objectively prioritise the requirements for a successful rehabilitation and forms the basis for the decision as to when an athlete is appropriate to return to their sport.

Testing batteries are recommended at different time-points, depending on the injury being rehabilitated. Testing can be performed in isolation, with the results being sent to the referring clinician or healthcare professional (as well as the athlete themselves).

Rehabilitation Programming

For athletes being rehabilitated in-house, testing results can be interpreted by one of our team members who has expertise in strength and conditioning to design / update the athlete’s rehabilitation program. This ensures that the detailed information that is collected is accurately translated to the most appropriate exercise interventions, to accelerate the rehabilitation process and minimising the risk of future injury.

In addition to maximising the opportunity for a successful return to play, the programs are designed to concurrently improve athletic performance. This gives athlete’s the chance to return to their sport in better condition than they were pre-injury, giving them confidence to perform at their best.

Supervised Rehabilitation

We are now offering clinical rehabilitation classes which extends the opportunity for athletes to complete their rehabilitation under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. These classes have limited availability to ensure a low clinician-athlete ratio. These classes are eligible for private-health rebates, ensure a high level of accountability and athlete competency in performing the rehabilitation exercises and negates the need to join the gym.

Equipment used

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