Allsports Indooroopilly fosters the development of its athletes’ physical capacity and athletic performance, through cutting-edge assessment and prescription of individualised exercise programs. These programs aim to optimise rehabilitation and to return to sport after injury, as well as reducing risk of future injury. In addition, they aim to enhance on-field performance through maximising an individual’s strength, power, mobility, control, endurance and durability. Thus, allowing them to perform optimally in their chosen sport and achieve their career goals.

These programs are developed utilising an array of comprehensive testing batteries and industry leading technology (such as VALD ForceDecks and VALD DynaMo) to accurately identify an individual’s physical strengths and weaknesses. This data is compared against normative data for the athlete’s age and sport, in order to identify and prioritise an athlete’s biggest areas for improvement. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are then able to combine their clinical experience with their interpretations from the data collected to develop an individualised program for the athlete to complete at training, in the gym or at home.

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