Looking for a North Queensland physiotherapist near you? Allsports Physiotherapy has proudly partnered with NQPC with the aim of being Australia’s leading integrated allied health group. Conveniently located in Railway Estate at the Cowboys Centre of Excellence, the NQPC team continues to service its local community as well as the neighbouring suburbs of West End, Hyde Park, Hermit Park, Pimlico, South Townsville and Rosslea.

Patients receive a valuable and personalized level of expertise through an active rehabilitation approach, using a wide range of medication-free techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further dysfunction. Our team treat people from all walks of life, from elite and local athletes to weekend warriors, as well as general aches and pains, disabilities and conditions impacting your general function. Our focus is to improve our patients quality of life.

Being a physiotherapist at North Queensland Physiotherapy Centre (NQPC) is all about teamwork and building a rapport with our patients. We also make it a priority to deliver clear communication with relatives or carers, as well as surgeons, GP’s, OT’s, nurses, social workers and any relevant health care team members.