Tasmania Physiotherapists

The Allsports Physiotherapy Group is proud to be providing excellence in physiotherapy care to each and every patient by offering a unique, multidisciplinary approach to injury management and rehabilitation. At our Hobart clinic, AllCare Physio, our trained professionals are dedicated to treating your individual needs so you can rest assured that we have your allied health needs covered.

Your Local Tasmania Practitioners

Our Key Services in Tasmania

  • Physiotherapy


    Our Tasmania physiotherapists use a multidisciplinary approach to offer individualised treatment for patients from all walks of life. With a diverse and comprehensive knowledge of injury management and rehabilitation, our therapists deliver excellence in the treatment of all sporting and non-sporting conditions, injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Pilates & Physiotherapy Exercise

    Pilates & Physiotherapy Exercise

    Physiotherapist-run exercise sessions are a specialised form of exercise devised by our Tasmania physiotherapists using spring-loaded Pilates equipment to improve body control, strength and balance.

  • Balance & Exercise Classes

    Balance & Exercise Classes

    Our Balance & Exercise classes are held in our fully-airconditioned Tasmania facilities, where participants will have their balance challenged as well as their musculoskeletal system trained in a range of different ways using a variety of equipment exclusively available to this class. 

  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology

    Our Tasmania exercise and lifestyle programs are for everyone, a healthy individual, suffering from chronic diseases, recovering from an injury or training as an elite athlete. Accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs) are allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.