Jarrad has relocated back to Geelong where he has previously worked at clinics in South Melbourne, Newtown and Brisbane. Jarrad completed his Masters of Physiotherapy Studies at University of Queensland and his Post Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy in 2018. Jarrad has worked as head physiotherapist for Port Melbourne FC (VFL) from 2017-2020. He has also worked as physiotherapist to Morningside FC (NEAFL) and Queensliffe FC (BFL).

Jarrad has special interest in hip, groin and shoulder injuries especially in the athletic population. He also has experience in managing reoccurring or difficult soft tissue injuries, designing appropriate rehabilitation programs and the relationship between exercise training load.

Jarrad utilises current evidence based management with the use of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to achieve a return to normal function.

Jarrad also has degrees in Human Movement (Sports Science), Post Graduate Degree in Exercise Rehabilitation and Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation. Jarrad is aiming to begin his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in coming years.

Out of work Jarrad is kept busy with his young daughter and his dog.