Hayden graduated from the University of Queensland in 2019, completing a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours), while working as a personal trainer. Hayden is a local to Ipswich, growing up in Springfield Lakes where he found his passion for developing the human body through exposure to the gym that his father managed. The concept of developing resilience to injury, improving performance, managing pain, and generally improving quality of life through evidence-based movement and exercise focused treatment drew Hayden in to Exercise Physiology. 

Since graduating, he has developed experience in chronic disease management, having worked mostly with defence force veterans thus far. His first year and a half of EP practice helped him to confirm his interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and realise his desire to get involved in athletic development.

Hayden ensures he stays on top of his own fitness related goals by performing regular resistance training. Outside of the gym, he has always had an interest in martial arts, and in the last year he has taken up Brazilian Jui Jitsu, where he plans on putting his skills to the test in competition.