Clare Johnson - Allsports Physiotherapy Massage Therapist
Clare grew up playing a variety of sport since the age of 6 and has currently played her chosen sport touch football for the last 26 years. She has represented both regional and state and recently won a nationals title with Brisbane City in March 2019.

She is a firm believer in remedial massage therapy as it has been one of the key reasons why she has been able to compete at a higher level for so long.  It is also extremely helpful with injury prevention, recovery or rehab and reduces stress and anxiety.
Clare loves working with the physiotherapists as she continues to gain valuable knowledge which is helping her grow as a remedial massage therapist.  She finds it helps clients progress further past their rehabilitation when treatments when their physiotherapy treatment ends. In her spare time, Clare has started giving back to her sport by now coaching junior touch football and continuing to educate parents and children about the benefits of massage.