Hi I’m Jordan, I completed the Bachelors of Physical Education and Coaching degree back in my home country Canada and then completed the Masters of Physiotherapy Degree from Flinders University a few years later. I also hold my Level 1 Certification in Fascial Stretch therapy a method of therapy that focuses on helping your body feel good by helping our connective tissues rather than just the muscles. I have worked as a personal trainer and exercise physiologist (kinesiologist) in gyms and in private practice for many years back in my home country Canada.

I have grown up playing many sports including Ice hockey, lacrosse, and athletics. I currently am an avid CrossFit athlete and have been participating in CrossFit for 8+ years now. I have competed in many local CrossFit competitions back home in Canada. I also am an avid runner and have taken up Marathon running. My focus as a Physiotherapist is to help you get moving. I have a passion in injury prevention and helping people continue to live active lives.