Zoe is a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2021), who has been a member of the PhysioWorks team since 2008.

Zoe is recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as being an expert in athletes and sporting injury management, following completion of a two-year training program being supervised by Australia’s leading Physiotherapists, that concludes with a requirement to pass a clinical examination, to demonstrate that she has achieved the standard of a Specialist Physiotherapist.

Zoe’s goal with every patient is to provide a comprehensive plan to treat your injury, enhance performance, and prevent injury recurrence.  Her experience and knowledge of sporting biomechanics and the demands of both elite and recreational sporting pursuits allow her to conduct a thorough assessment, diagnose, treat and help you achieve your goals – no matter how big or small!  Patient’s comment that Zoe is a caring, knowledgeable and friendly Physiotherapist, and you can be confident that Zoe can help you achieve your goals. Zoe has a special interest in treating lower limb (hip, knee and ankle) soft tissue, joint and tendon injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation of the hip, knee and ankle.

Zoe complements her clinical work at PhysioWorks with elite sporting teams, with roles with the White Ferns (New Zealand Women’s Cricket Team) and St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace, First XI Football Program, and has experience as a Physiotherapist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Zoe also works with Indoor Netball Federation of Australia and Indoor Netball Federation of Queensland. Not only does Zoe have experience as a Physiotherapist at the elite level, she is a former National level Indoor Netball player who has represented both Queensland and Australia. When she is not at PhysioWorks, Zoe enjoys an active lifestyle, attends the gym, and plays several recreational sports.

Outside of her clinical work, Zoe is currently working on a research project conducting a systematic review into Patella Tendinopathy, as well as working in a mentoring role with Physiotherapists.