Natalie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and an Accredited Sports Dietitian with strong interest in helping athletes improve and optimise their nutrition.

Natalie did many sports (dance, netball, tennis, cross country, swimming, and softball) growing up before focusing on aerobic gymnastics (AER) as a teenager. Nutrition was always an important aspect of Natalie’s training which sparked her interests in wanting to become an Accredited Sports Dietitian. Natalie has represented Australia at 7 international events as an athlete, coach, and judge, most recently judging at the 2022 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships in Guimarães, Portugal. Natalie continues to coach gymnastics which she feels gives her a unique perspective when working with athletes to achieve their goals.

Along with Natalie’s passions for sports, Natalie also strives for her clients to have a positive relationship with their body and food. No matter a client’s goals or medical history, Natalie works alongside individuals to motivate behaviour change and create sustainable healthy habits whilst enjoy delicious food!
Clinical Speciality Ares: Eating disorders/disordered eating, paediatrics, weight management and chronic disease management.

Sports Speciality Areas: Female athletes, injury nutrition, individual sports (gymnastics, dance, diving, swimming endurance sports, swimming) and team sports.
To book an appointment please call the clinic on 07 3278 8544.