Molly is a Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has worked in the Exercise Physiology space for over a decade. She graduated from the University of QLD with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology) and is currently studying a Masters of Exercise Oncology Medicine.

Molly works in a variety of different areas and sees clients with a wide array of injuries, chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, obesity), as well as older adults, people with dementia, through to high performance athletes. Molly has worked extensively in medical rehabilitation and has been involved in a variety of different projects.

Molly has designed and implemented a number of different exercise intervention projects in cancer rehabilitation. One of which was with the Leukaemia Foundation Australia called ‘Fit to Thrive’. This program assessed the effect exercise has on persons with blood cancers through all stages of treatment. Molly was also heavily involved in the BRACE (BRAin Cancer and Exercise) Study. Which was running in partnership with QUT and ICON, the project looked at evaluating the effectiveness of exercise for patients with brain cancer.

Molly has substantial experience in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and has worked with a vast number of clients with varying conditions including chronic pain, lower back pain, traumatic injury, pre and post-surgical interventions along with other various joint and soft tissue injuries. Molly is always determined to achieve the best outcomes possible for her clients and strives to help people achieve their goals in health and performance through safe and effective programming and education.