Bree started working at TPC in March 2021. Previously, she was running her own business in the Music Industry for 15 years. She used to tour the world as a musician and would occasionally work in reception jobs in between touring. She has always loved working jobs in Remedial massage and Physiotherapy administration, and has a genuine passion for taking care of the body.

Bree loves the environment at TPC and the genuine care everyone has for each other and the patients. 

In her spare time, she loves to discover what nature surrounds Adelaide, especially any walks around the ocean! She loves spending time in the garden at home, with her dog. She loves music, diving/snorkelling, collecting seashells and photography. 

Fun Fact:

She has toured most of the world at least 7 times in her past career as a musician, covering 27 countries. She also has her advanced scuba diving license.