Qualifications & Associations

  • Bachelors of Sports, Health, Leisure and Physical studies | University of Iowa (USA) | 1998
  • Masters in Occupational Therapy | Midwestern University (USA) | 2002
  • Certified Hand Therapist (USA) | 2009
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Special Interests

Stephanie has a special interest and expertise in treating:

“Been seeing Stephanie here for some time now following my workplace injury. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Her confidence in getting me back up and functioning again has changed my mindset. The admin team here is very professional and friendly. 10/10 would return and recommend.”

Experience & Professional Development

Stephanie has over 20 years of hand therapy treatment experience here in Australia and the USA including:

  • Melbourne Hand Rehab – Hand Therapist – 9 years
  • Spooner Hand Therapy – Director of hand therapy and practicing hand therapist – Scottsdale, Arizona, USA – 4 years
  • Chicago Metro Hand Therapy – Hand Therapist – Chicago, Illinois, USA – 5 years


  • Effectiveness of a variety of static-progressive and dynamic splinting for pronation/supination of the hand/forearm. Data collection and splint fabrication for this research project at Spooner Hand Therapy 2007


  • Australian Department of Health, Infection Control Training – COVID 19 – March 2020
  • Victorian hand Surgery Society Annual meeting 2017 (annual attendance)
  • Handwriting difficulties and dysgraphia in children and teens. Mobile Kids OT 1 day course, 2015

  • MHR seminars (regular attendance)

About Stephanie Konstantinidis

My approach to care: Your hands help you participate in everyday activities for work, sport, hobbies, and caring for your family. I pride myself on being able to empathize with my patients about the challenges a hand injury can cause to your everyday life.

My empathy helps me achieve a greater connection and understanding between my patients and myself and it helps me tailor and teach a rehabilitation program to achieve the best possible outcome. It was during my graduate degree that I found my passion for hand therapy. I love seeing the results my patients achieve during their hand rehabilitation program.

I moved to Melbourne from the USA in 2011 and am a proud mother of two children. I also enjoy yoga, tennis, fashion, and watching football.

Clinic Locations

Stephanie is a Senior Clinician and available for consultation at the following clinics:

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