Kusal Goonewardena - Physiotherapist

Kusal Goonewardena has established a successful career in building 3 innovative sports medicine clinics in Melbourne. His passion is to provide the best solutions in the sports physiotherapy healthcare sector so that patients, athletes and clients continuously receive the most important aspect in health: Results. His passion is to lead practitioners so they live a life of service that is judged by expertise, results, service and education.

Kusal believes that every sports medicine practitioner is in a position to change the lives of athletes and regular people, by having the mindset to achieve results in 3 sessions or less. Kusal states that striving to be their best, living in the moment and continuous perfection of skill acquisition are the keys to his teams success.

Kusal is a ‘hands on’ leader, combining his business acumen with his outstanding skills as a sports physiotherapist, and he loves leading from the front. With over 50,000 treatments in sports physiotherapy over 16 years he has mentored over 1000 therapists from around the globe. Currently the head of Sports Medicine at Elite Akademy Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne, he and his team have helped the university achieve a top 5 finish at the prestigious Australian University Games since 2008.

His services are on full display when his athletes perform at the Olympics and Winter Olympics for their respective countries.