Noah proudly graduated from James Cook University in Townsville with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Noah’s professional journey has allowed him to spend time in diverse areas such as oncology, lymphoedema management and paedatrics which has provided a diverse set of experiences to be able to treat a broader population.

He is a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for persistent pain management, neck and low back pain and sporting injuries. Noah enjoys keeping up to date with the latest research and is a firm believer in giving the power of rehab back to the client. His dedication to understanding and addressing the complexities of pain has led him to assist in the RISE persistent pain class. Additionally, Noah has pursued specialized training in PEAK- Osteoarthritis and ONERO – Osteoporosis, showcasing his commitment to providing comprehensive care.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Noah finds joy in all things sporting, however he most enjoys soccer and touch. He channels his passion for sports into his work, understanding the unique demands athletes face and the steps to return them. Noah is also a lifelong supporter of the North Queensland Cowboys (especially 2015).

Noah values the importance of balance and cherishes moments spent with friends and family. Whether he’s passionately supporting his teams or enjoying leisure time, Noah remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of his clients and fostering a holistic approach to healthcare.