Wilma Walsh - Occupational Therapist

Wilma (Willie) is an Occupational Therapist who has practised hand therapy for over 30 years. Willie was one of the five founding members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association and served as president from 1983-86.

She has lectured extensively and is recognised as an expert in the field of hand/upper limb rehabilitation both in Australia and internationally. She has been the invited keynote speaker at the French and New Zealand Hand Therapy meetings and in 2010 was the invited Honoured Professor at the prestigious Philadelphia Hand Foundation meeting. She has served as an editor of the American Hand Therapy Journal and is the only international therapist to serve as a member of the Hand Therapy Certification Commission Exam Review Committee.

Willie has a special interest in the wrist, sporting injuries, flexor tendon injuries and fractures. Wilma is a life member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association and is a Certified Hand Therapist (USA).