Man holding his shoulder from shoulder pain

Lift the lid on shoulder pain and 5 helpful tips to understand why your shoulder hurts!

Whether you’re an office worker or a swimmer you can experience shoulder pain at any point in your life.

Shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating for some people and you may find your shoulder pain keeps reoccurring! There are many factors that can contribute to shoulder pain including repetitive tasks, certain movement and/or muscle patterns, or incorrect training or playing techniques.

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Returning to sport safely - Allsports Physiotherapy

5 Tips to Help You and Your Body Prepare for the Upcoming Sport Season

Are you missing your sport? COVID can be blamed for many things, including shortening our sport seasons. Most of us have missed our teammates, coaches, supporters and that smell of freshly cut grass. As we don our boots, sneakers or cleats, it’s important to remember that our bodies have been on hiatus too. Returning to sport too quickly can put our bodies at risk of injury.

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Woman running on the beach with her daughter
By Kai Morris – Psychologist, Mental Notes Sport and Performance Psychology, Consultant at Allsports Physiotherapy Parkwood

There are a lot of blogs with tips on how to manage chronic/persistent pain and the truth is, I do not know what it is like to be in pain consistently. I chose to write this article to help normalise your experiences, the difficulties, the triumphs, and just how exhausting and tough it is to live with pain for you and those around you. I sincerely hope it helps.

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