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Looking to get a head start on full-body toning and fulfilling those summer goals? This is for you.

You may know about our exceptional physiotherapy services across Australia, but did you know that our physios also work collaboratively with Pilates instructors to lead renowned Pilates exercise classes? These classes are run by our team at QPilates and they’re helping Australians grow stronger, gain better stability and balance, optimise their core strength and flexibility, recover from injuries and surgery, and tone their bodies. 

When it comes to toning, it’s our Body Tone Pilates classes that are helping our clients reach their fitness goals and feel stronger than ever. Here’s what they are and how they work – and how they could be your key to getting a head start on those summer toning goals.

The Benefits Of Pilates Exercise Classes

Before we dive into Body Tone, it’s important to know exactly what Pilates exercise is and how it’s different from your regular group class or gym session. Pilates is a precise fitness system that uses low-impact but high-gain exercises to optimise how you move and feel. The movements are slow-paced, and there’s a strong focus on breathing. This is because a good breathing technique can help you use your muscles correctly, which helps to improve your overall exercise technique and the safety of your Pilates exercise routine. 

Pilates classes use both mat work and equipment like the Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Wunda Chair to work your body. Each move has careful thought and purpose behind it, posing a challenge for every ability level and allowing everyone to participate – no matter their experience, strength or skill level.

Why QPilates?

QPilates is highly regarded because of the care, knowledge and skill of each of the instructors. We have a team of experienced physiotherapists and certified Pilates practitioners to lead the classes. Our physiotherapists work with those who have an existing injury or problem that they need special considerations for, completing a comprehensive assessment with them before they start. Not only does this assessment mean that their Pilates program is tailored uniquely to them, their strengths, limitations and goals, but it also helps prevent pain, injury, and reduce the risk of re-injury in the future.

Our Pilates practitioners hold specific certifications and training in using specialised equipment like the Reformer machine, further promoting the health of everyone attending the class. With us, your wellbeing comes first, with intimate-sized classes allowing instructors to give you personalised feedback and technique adjustment, instead of being left as one in a crowd. 

Body Tone: Toning Safely And Effectively To Reach Your Goals

When it comes to our Body Tone classes, we believe they’re the best way to help tone your body and step into your newfound strength, while being fully supported by your Pilates instructor through every class and movement. 

With classes designed together with physiotherapists, Body Tone provides a full-body challenge through movements performed on a Reformer – a spring-loaded Pilates machine that, together with the routines provided by your instructor, targets each individual muscle group in isolation. This includes your abs and core, arms, glutes, legs and back. 

Body Tone is designed for people that don’t have any current injuries, and aren’t pregnant or recovering from childbirth. The classes run for 45 minutes in a small group setting, you stay supported throughout each class with tailored advice and technique adjustments. The classes regularly change to vary the loads placed on your muscles and help you gain the all-over sculpting benefits.

You don’t need any experience to start Body Tone classes. Your instructor will quickly help you become familiar with the movements and guide you through the techniques. You can always ask questions and get tailored feedback throughout and after the class, with your instructor showing you adjustments to best match your strength and skill level. 

Ready To Body Tone?

We offer a free orientation class for new clients to get started with QPilates’ Body Tone classes. This ensures that this class is the best one to help you achieve your goals, while teaching you the fundamentals of Pilates and the reformer machine.

Find the closest QPilates studio near you to book your orientation class or call your local studio.