A woman’s life is typically marked by several unique life stages such as, menarche, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. These stages are exclusive to women, and as such can provide specific challenges to a woman’s quality of life. One area of the body commonly impacted by these life stages, and the changes that come with them, is the pelvic floor. A group of small, but very important muscles, found at the base of the pelvis, the pelvic floor has a huge role to play throughout a woman’s life and is often overlooked. Pelvic floor dysfunction has been found to impact at least 25% of women at some stage of their life before they turn 80, and even doubles after this. Read more

When learning about the pelvic floor, it’s common to come across information detailing the importance of preparing the pelvic floor for childbirth in women, and helping with recovery postpartum. The reality, however, is that our pelvic floor plays an incredibly important role for both men and women throughout our lives, forming part of our deep core muscles, and with pelvic floor problems affecting everything from continence to sexual health to back pain.

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