When learning about the pelvic floor, it’s common to come across information detailing the importance of preparing the pelvic floor for childbirth in women, and helping with recovery postpartum. The reality, however, is that our pelvic floor plays an incredibly important role for both men and women throughout our lives, forming part of our deep core muscles, and with pelvic floor problems affecting everything from continence to sexual health to back pain.

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By Scott Schulte – Ashgrove Physioworks

Men's Health Week

Men often have a drastically different understanding of what health actually means. “I’ll be fine”, “It’s nothing”, “I’ve had worse” – we’ve all heard a man say it, or you may have said it yourself. 

Statistically, men suffer more illness, more accidents, and die earlier than women due to a variety of preventable diseases, yet are less likely to seek help than their counterparts.

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