Diabetes - Allsports Physiotherapy

The consequences of high blood sugar are multiple co-morbidities such as heart, eye, foot and vascular disease, possibly even leading to death.

Exercise is the one key factor to managing Type 2 Diabetes. Exercise in conjunction with diet can be effective in managing Type 2 Diabetes without medication.

We offer age-specific, small group, strength and balance classes that provide effective exercise for diabetic sufferers. Diet is equally as important in the management of Type 2 Diabetes as it manages the blood glucose and controls body weight.

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, you are eligible for our Diabetes Group Exercise Program. With a referral from your GP to our Group Allied Health Services, Medicare will provide you with an initial assessment and the group exercise classes, all with an accredited exercise physiologist.

Each Type 2 Diabetes exercise class will include diabetes education and appropriate exercises to assist with managing your diabetes as well as improve your quality of life. Further information can be found through our partnering nutritionist group at Eat Smart Nutrition.