The RISE pain program is a five-week education and exercise program developed by physiotherapists and researchers for people who are suffering from persistent pain.

RISE is not your usual exercise class. The program is specifically tailored for all levels and provides a supportive environment which focusses on pain management as well as strategies for improving your pain, movement, strength and overall well-being. Rise is suitable for anyone suffering from persistent pain who is looking to improve their pain and get back to doing what they enjoy!


The program is run by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, who have experience in pain management. Content covered over the 5-week program includes:

  • Pain neurophysiology education
  • Pacing
  • Flare up management
  • Healthy lifestyles (including sleep hygiene)

How RISE sessions run:

  • 60-minute education session
  • 30-minute supervised movement session


For more information on Allsports RISE pain program, please contact your nearest participating clinic.


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