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Our Committment To Team Smiddy - Allsports Physiotherapy

The Allsports Physiotherapy Group is proud to support the following organisations as their preferred charitable associations.

While each Allsports clinic forges a close relationship within the communities in which they provide services and supports a range of additional charities and community groups in their local area, the group as a whole is able to direct a greater number of resources to the charities below. As an organisation, we are happy to assist local clubs and community groups.


Physio massaging leg of triathleteSmiling for Smiddy        

Smiling for Smiddy fundraising events honour the memory of Adam Smiddy, a Brisbane Physiotherapist who passed away to aggressive cancer in 2006 aged just 26. Since 2006, more than $5 million has been raised for cancer research and support services.

In 2015, Allsports founded the Adam Smiddy Memorial 4th Year Clinical Placement Scholarship. This initiative sponsors a 4th-year Physiotherapy student from the University of Queensland to travel as a member of the Smiddy support crew, along with a senior therapist from the Allsports Group, on the gruelling eight-day, 1600 kilometre Smiling for Smiddy ride to Townsville.

Allsports Physiotherapy also provides services at many of the Smiling for Smiddy events including a treatment team for athletes at the Noosa Triathlon each year. We have been privileged to work with the Smiddy group and their amazing athletes and look forward to continuing this strong alliance into the future. For more information, visit Smiling for Smiddy.

Allsports physiotherapists volunteering at Oxfam TrailwalkerOxfam Australia Trailwalker

Allsports Physiotherapy has been proudly assisting trail walkers completing the challenging 100 km trail walk since 2010. Our professional staff of physiotherapists and podiatrists volunteer their time and resources to patch up the walking wounded as they complete their walk raising valuable funds for Oxfam Australia. For more information, visit Oxfam Australia Trailwalker.