Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds

High performing athletes may often describe “hitting a wall” when pushing themselves during training or competition. This occurs at the depletion of their glycogen (carbohydrate) stores, which causes a sudden onset of fatigue and loss of athletic performance. Performing too close (or above) your anaerobic threshold will bring this effect on quicker, as at these high heart rates most athletes have moved beyond fat metabolism as a fuel and are relying on carbohydrate stores.

Our metabolic testing provides an accurate insight into your metabolic profile and will provide your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds by measuring your consumption of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide while you train. The results from our Metabolic Efficiency Test will outline your optimal heart rate levels for your endurance training and will allow you to integrate this information into your existing training plan. Ultimately helping to create a very individualised and professional program that will see you avoid “the wall” and raise your athletic performance faster.

Our advanced testing can improve your fuel plan, maximise the effect of each session by outlining your optimal heart rate and fine-tune your training to improve your endurance levels. How you fuel yourself is a critical step in changing your metabolism to improve your performance, and we regularly suggest that a qualified and experienced sports dietitian is also involved in your nutrition planning.


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