Body Tone Pilates

Body Tone classes are our advanced level classes aimed at those with a taste for challenge. These classes are performed solely on the Pilates reformers and instructed by qualified Pilates instructors.

Our Body Tone classes run for 45 minutes and our instructor’s program these classes on a daily basis to ensure constant, changing challenges for the musculoskeletal system.

Body Tone Pilates is an all-over body workout, aimed at sculpting and toning each individual muscle group. These classes are not suitable for people being managed by a health professional for any injury, pregnant women or early post-partum, recent surgeries or other health conditions unless cleared by your doctor.

Our Allsports Physiotherapy clinics & Q Pilates studios require all new clients to attend a free 30-minute orientation session to learn equipment setup and general Pilates principles and to ensure optimum safety when exercising.