We have extensive experience working with many professional athletes across AFL, Athletics, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Motorbike Racing and even Arm Wrestling to name a few!

Sport injury is always inconvenient and we understand the pressures of getting ‘back on the field’ as soon as possible.

Common sporting injuries include dislocations, lacerations, sprains and tears with the most frequent ones being Volar Plate avulsions and UCL tears.


  • Read X-rays to rule out bony injury
  • Assess joint stability
  • Splint to protect joint integrity throughout the healing period
  • Specially craft splints for your sporting needs
  • Educate regarding protective taping for sports and/or other activity
  • Strengthen when appropriate to regain full function

Don’t put up with a painful injury, let us help you recover!