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Q Pilates

Brisbane and Gold Coast based Pilates studios

At our JindaleeIndooroopillyCamp HillForest Lake and Parkwood clinics, pilates sessions are organised through our partnership with Q Pilates. 

Q Pilates is a group of specialist Clinical Pilates studios formed in 2014 in partnership with Allsports Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics. Q Pilates’ physiotherapists have a vast background in musculoskeletal, women’s health, rehabilitation and research physiotherapy and have combined this knowledge with traditional Pilates methods to develop one of Brisbane’s leading Pilates studios.

Q Pilates physiotherapists are committed to applying evidence-based rehabilitative exercise prescription through Pilates to help prevent and treat common conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, postural issues, osteoporosis, pelvic floor issues, neurological conditions and ageing-related ailments to name a few.

Our aim at Q Pilates is to teach clients ideal patterns of movement, restore mobility and flexibility and increase strength and range of motion through thorough, individualized assessments and tailored programming. Pilates is suitable for all ages, strengths, abilities and chronic conditions and we aim to help people learn a life-long, sustainable form of exercise.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise developed to improve strength, flexibility, core stability and postural muscle tone, addressing motor control and teaching mindful movement. Clinical Pilates is the adaptation of traditional Pilates blended with physio evidence-based motor control exercises, to prevent, treat and maintain musculoskeletal injuries. Clinical Pilates is a valuable facet of patient management for most conditions in the sub-acute and chronic stages, while being useful in some cases for providing pain relief and early motor control training in the acute phase too.

Following a 1 hour Initial Assessment (Compulsory, health-fund rebatable), our physiotherapists develop a fully-individualized Pilates program targeting the identified issues. Following one-on- one sessions, clients then attend regular semi-private Pilates classes under Physiotherapist supervision and are monitored, assessed and progressed with short-term and long-term goal setting.

Clinical Pilates is suitable for most musculoskeletal conditions, pregnancy and post-partum, pre- and post-op, general health and fitness, neurological, ageing and balance conditions and ages 13 and upward.

Body Tone Pilates

Q Pilates Bodytone classes are our advanced level classes aimed at those with a taste for challenge. These classes are performed solely on the Pilates reformers and instructed by qualified Pilates instructors. Our Bodytone classes run for 45 minutes and the Q Pilates instructors program these classes on a daily basis to ensure constant, changing challenges for the musculoskeletal system.

Bodytone Pilates is an all-over body workout, aimed at sculpting and toning each individual muscle group. These classes are not suitable for people being managed by a health professional for any injury, pregnant women or early post-partum, recent surgeries or other health conditions unless cleared by your doctor.

Q Pilates require all new clients to attend a free 30 minute Orientation session to learn equipment setup and general Pilates principles and to ensure optimum safety when exercising.

Pregnancy Pilates

At Q Pilates we believe that no two pregnancies are the same, and therefore no two exercise programs for pregnant women should be the same. Our Clinical Pilates service caters for women at all stages of pregnancy and aims to maintain strength and postural alignment, pelvic floor strength and prevent aches and pains during pregnancy. Naturally, as your pregnancy progresses, your physical abilites and needs will change and therefore, a tailored approach is the safest way of exercising during this time.

Pinc/Steel Pilates

At Q Pilates, our Principal physios Kristy Walker and Stephanie McMurdy (Indooroopilly), have undertaken additional professional development training within Cancer management through physiotherapy. Pinc and Steel Pilates-certified physiotherapists blend physiotherapy treatment principles and Pilates exercise prescription to help patients through active and recovery phases of cancer treatment. These sessions are conducted under one-on- one sessions with the goal to transition to group classes once ready.

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All Women's Health

Available at Indooroopilly Only.

Q Pilates offer individual treatment sessions with physiotherapists trained in Women’s Health to help treat conditions such as stress urinary incontinence, prolapse, bladder overactivity, ante and post-natal core and musculoskeletal complaints or pre and post gynaecological surgery.

Mat Pilates

Q Pilates Mat Pilates classes offer a back-to- basics floor class utilizing bodyweight, gravity and small equipment for resistance. Best used as an adjunct to Clinical Pilates to solidify Pilates principles and increase your home Pilates repertoire.

Barre Pilates

Available at Indooroopilly Only.

Barre Pilates was designed to incorporate Ballet Barre exercises with traditional Pilates, to form a hybrid exercise class aimed to increase muscle length, strength and posture through fun, choreographed classes. Our Barre instructors have been trained under the Merrithew Total Barre syllabus.

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