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Wynnum Seagulls Intrust Cup Scoring

Allsports Sporting Partners Wynnum Seagulls LogoAt Allsports Physiotherapy, our team is proud to offer individualised rehabilitation and preventative care for athletes of all levels,  so we’re very excited to share the work we’ve been doing with the Wynnum Seagulls this year – and the impact that it has helped create on both their physical health and overall wellbeing. This Sunday we’re thrilled to see the Wynnum Seagulls taking on the Burleigh Bears in the Queensland Rugby League 2019 Grand Final!

The 2019 Difference

We’ve been proudly supporting the Wynnum Seagulls with world-class physiotherapy care at their games for many years now. Our pre-existing match-day services were great for injury prevention and treatment, but we often felt that being able to closely monitor and oversee the rehabilitation of the players throughout the season would immensely benefit their health outcomes. 

This year, we took our partnership to the next level and embedded Wynnum Seagulls Head Physiotherapist, Paul Scurfield, into the clubs management team alongside Brendan Turnbull (Rehabilitation Manager), Michael Dobson (Football Operations), and Dr Mark Young (Q Sports Medicine). After creating a new medical model, Paul has been able to integrate our innovative Allsports rehabilitation and treatment principles throughout each week and training session, working closely with individual players to maximise their techniques, knowledge and outcomes.

Wynnum Seagulls Scoring

The Results

Speaking to Hanan Laban, the clubs Chief Executive Office, the outcome has been game-changing. “Paul’s done a great job at managing the team, and the new medical model has been enormously successful in bringing our injury rate down”. For individual players, this means getting them back into the game and being able to see through the season, where that may not have previously been possible. “The best example was Junior Pauga’s serious knee injury four months ago. We originally thought he would be out for the season, but we were able to pull together a plan to see him participate in the final series. If we didn’t have the medical program, then Junior wouldn’t have been playing this weekend.”

Alongside the physical benefits to the players’ health, the new program has also had a significant positive impact on mental wellbeing by facilitating a better life-training balance. “Our players work full-time jobs in addition to playing semi-professionally, so being able to package training and physiotherapy sessions together means more time with their families, rather than trying to book sessions outside of other life commitments”. 

The Wynnum Seagulls are a big club and have one of the largest fan bases in Brisbane, making a Grand Final win very special for the local community. When asked what Sunday’s win would mean for the Seagulls, Laban replied, “If we win the cup, we get to play on the NRL Grand Final Day as the curtain-raiser down in Sydney against the New South Wales Cup Winner on National TV, so it would be very special for the club”.

On behalf of Allsports Physiotherapy, we wish the Wynnum Seagulls the very best for their game and look forward to being there alongside them.

Want to show your support? The game will be held at Queensland’s Dolphin Stadium at 3:10 pm on Sunday. We’ll see you there!