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This year marks a decade of dedication from Allsports Camp Hill Director and Physiotherapist, Jonathon Hennessy, and his work with Queensland’s Elite Youth Football teams at the Football Federation Australia National Youth Championships.

As the Head Physiotherapist of Football Queensland, and the QAS Men’s Football team, Jonno has been a part of the dynamic crew responsible for the boy’s wellbeing and on-going treatment during the yearly tournament at Coffs Harbour.

Joined by Physiotherapist Andrew Johnson, and sports trainers Susan Johnston, and Ryan Timmins – together they were responsible for the U13 and U14 Queensland Metro and Country squads, which consisted of a 5 day competition with up to 4 games a day for each sports unit (one Physiotherapist and sports trainer per age group). The comprehensive list of services included: injury treatment, ice baths, pool recoveries and warm downs, field coverage, and the management of hospital visits for the more serious injuries.

National Football Championship Feature

Athlete screenings were also provided prior to competition selection, in addition to ongoing weight monitoring, fitness tests, and liaison with staff regarding player availability and selection. Unfortunately this year they saw three players from the U14 Metro team unable to finish the competition due to a fractured foot, fractured fibula and concussion.

Overall it was a week full of promising results and individual excellence, complimented by the hardworking crew tasked with optimising the boys performance.

10 years and counting, well done Jonno!