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Arthur House Queensland Rheumatology Services

Kids get arthritis too

Most people are aware of arthritis and may even know someone with arthritis but what many people don’t realise is that kids are also affected by arthritis. In fact, it is the most common as well as most severe persistent medical conditions of childhood with 1 in 1000 children affected.

Juvenile arthritis affects more girls than boys 16yrs and under and may present with symptoms of joint swelling, pain and or stiffness along with other medical complications. The duration of the disease varies greatly from months to years. Great progress has been made in terms of medical management to control potentially disabling symptoms. Complimentary to this medical management is a great team of allied health professionals including psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry to minimise the impact of the disease on these children and families.

Midway through 2017, Dr Navid Adib opened Arthur House as the Queensland Rheumatology Services to provide a multidisciplinary health service to children with arthritis and other rheumatological and musculoskeletal conditions including joint hypermobility and connective tissue disorders. Q Paediatrics has had a long-standing professional relationship with Dr Adib and it was without hesitation we decided to join his team at Arthur House.

Physiotherapy management for these children includes:

  • Monitoring the physical impacts of the disease
  • Monitoring physical activity types and intensities
  • Encouraging and promoting physical activity
  • Maintaining joint health through manual therapy and exercise
  • Promote muscle strength, movement control and physical endurance

Arthur House has partnered with Zoe’s Angels to ensure patients with financial barriers can also access these private services. The clinic was opened by an ex-patient, and incredibly talented young artist, Claudia Moodoonuthi. Claudia shows that you can continue to follow your dreams whilst living with chronic health issues.

For more information on juvenile arthritis visit the Arthritis Queensland website.