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What is Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET)?

We use Indirect Calorimetry to measure the oxygen you consume and the carbon dioxide you produce while at rest and during exercise. From this we get an accurate profile of how your body burns fuel (ie. your metabolism).

With our two main fuel sources being fat and carbohydrates, our testing shows us what proportion of these your body uses while at rest and during exercise.

It’s not just a case of “energy in = energy out” to lose weight or increase our athletic capacity, as the type of fuel our body wants to burn will often determine the results we achieve from exercise. The more efficient your body is at using fat as as its main fuel source, the better you can perform.

Everyone’s metabolism is different, and can be affecting by a range of different factors – age, gender, weight, hormone function, disease, medication and others that are difficult to change. Our Metabolic Test will give you the answer to why your diet and exercise program may not be working for you, and we can use the results to customise a training plan to suit your individual goals – whether it’s weight loss or improved sporting performance.

Heart Rate Fuel Profile

Following the test you’ll receive a report outlining your metabolic profile, that includes your individual heart rate fuel profile. At lower heart rates our body’s main fuel source is fat. As we train harder and our heart rate increases, eventually our fat burning will drop to zero and carbohydrates will become our fuel source. Our bodies can only call on a small amount of carbohydrates from storage, and at high heart rates it may not take long before we “hit the wall” and be out of fuel. This causes us to slow down to a lower heart rate where we can resume using fat as a fuel until our carbohydrate reserve can be restored.

Metabolism Training Zones

Heart rate training zones have been thoroughly researched and tested, with plenty of information available available on the topic. However these averages and estimates don’t fit everyone, and you can see in the graphs below just how different fuel burning profiles can be between two individuals.

Our metabolism based training plan will find your “steady state”, providing you an exact heart rate to improve and maximise your fat oxidation.

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