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Looking for a Brisbane physiotherapist close to you? Allsports Physiotherapy Calamvale is in a convenient location, servicing suburbs across Brisbane’s South including Stretton, Parkinson, Sunnybank Hills, Acacia Ridge, Algester and Drewvale.

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities, including:

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    What is Clinical Pilates? 

    Clinical Pilates is a specific form of exercise devised by physiotherapists using reformer machines and mat-based exercises to improve muscular strength, control and balance. It focuses on activation and strengthening of the patient’s ‘core stability’, including deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which act as the support system for the spine and pelvis. This is achieved by performing upper and lower limb, and abdominal resistance exercises for whole body toning and strength. Increased core strength can reduce and prevent lower back, neck pain and improve overall posture, movement and function. Clinical Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities, injuries, chronic conditions, and general fitness.

    Why choose Clinical Pilates?

    Why Choose Clinical Pilates?

    Our physiotherapists are:

    1. Highly trained in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. They will develop a program that addresses your specific individual needs using the most current research to produce the best results for you.
    2. Experienced in the use of real-time ultrasound, which is used in the Clinical Pilates assessment and treatment to ensure optimal activation of deep core muscles.
    3. Skilled at identifying postural problems and are aware of both muscle and skeletal contributing factors that may need to be addressed.  They will select the most beneficial exercises to improve posture and advise you on helpful strategies at work and at home.
    Benefits of Clinical Pilates
    • Improves deep abdominal activation and pelvic floor muscle tone
    • Assists with prevention of lower back and neck pain
    • Improved muscular strength and flexibility
    • Improved posture and core stability
    • Improved overall body tone and fitness
    • Restoration of normal movement patterns
    • Increased co-ordination and balance
    • Enhances sporting performance
    • Safe form of exercise during pregnancy and postpartum
    • Improved bone density (reduces risk of osteoporosis)
    What to bring
    • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement
    • Water bottle and towel
    • Clean pair of socks (Pilates is done without shoes)
    How to join a class
    • An initial Physiotherapy consultation is required, if you have pre-existing injury or medical condition.
    • Following a Physiotherapy assessment, an individualised Pilates program is developed and applied by the Physiotherapist to help you improve postural control, optimise motor patterning and address any areas of weakness, tightness and instability.
    • 1:1 private sessions are required prior to class attendance to ensure you are familiar with your Pilates program. Individualised programs are then preformed during group sessions – where your Physiotherapist will modify and progress your exercises as appropriate. It is at the discretion of the Physiotherapist to determine the number of 1:1 sessions required prior to integrating into a group session.
    Calamvale Pilates Schedule

    Initial Assessment (30mins)…………$85

    1:1 Session (30mins)…………………….$78

    Group Session (45mins)………………..$35 *Maximum of 6 participants.

    Clinical Pilates is covered under your private health insurance depending upon your level of cover.

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    Please call Allsports Physiotherapy Calamvale on (07) 3272 5230 for further details and bookings.