The term “VO2max” refers to our body’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, and strongly reflects our cardiorespiratory fitness and our capacity to cope with sustained endurance exercise training. It’s also critical for performance in any power-based sports (sprinting, weight lifting, CrossFit, etc).

Oxygen is a key ingredient in our energy pathways. Poorly utilising oxygen will leave us without adequate energy to power our muscles, leading to inefficient athletic performance.

Your training program may not be challenging you in the correct way to improve your VO2max. Our Metabolic Efficiency Testing gives an exact measurement of your oxygen consumption while you exercise, and we do not need to rely on the inaccurate equations or wearable tech that often gives misleading results.

With an exact VO2max measure and a discussion of your goals and training plan, we will advise you of how best to incorporate changes to your training program to maximise VO2max gains. Work smarter not harder, it’s far less time consuming than you would think!

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