Exercise Physiology


Osteoarthritis (or Degenerative Joint Disease) is a condition used to describe the wear and tear on joints (and cartilage) in the body. Cartilage is the joint lining that protects our bone, decreases friction and acts as a cushion. Over time the load on our joints can result in cartilage degeneration, leading to pain and inflammation, which has a profound effect on our mobility, strength, and general function.

There is no cure for Osteoarthritis, however there are ways to effectively manage its symptoms. The severity of dysfunction differs from person to person, and in some severe cases a surgical intervention may be considered. In the majority of cases, exercise in conjunction with appropriate pain management is the gold standard, and should be explored before a more invasive (surgical) option be looked at.

At Allsports Indooroopilly & Ferny Grove, our Exercise Physiologist has many years of experience, and will prescribe you the most clinically appropriate exercise program to help you manage Osteoarthritis effectively.

Additionally, we have age specific, small group exercise classes that are an effective, appropriate, affordable, and enjoyable way to exercise with supervision. For more information, please visit our All Active Classes.