Jessica Porter - Occupational Therapist

Jessica graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2004 and came to Extend in September 2016. Jessica initially worked in General Medical and Rehabilitation hospital settings before she took the opportunity to move to Auckland, New Zealand to take up a training position in hand therapy.

She treated hand injuries as a primary contact therapist under New Zealand’s unique Accident Compensation Scheme until she completed her Hand Therapy Accreditation and a post-graduate Diploma of Rehabilitation through the Auckland University of Technology.  Jessica has broad experience and understanding in treating diverse population groups, including elite athletes and musicians.

Outside of work, Jessica has volunteered in 3 developing countries, completed several half marathons and ocean swimming races, and also plays her cello in various community/ charity events. Jessica has tried her hand at a variety of sports/ activities including rowing and other water sports, skiing, sky diving, tennis and would love to help you get back into your favourite sport or activity.