Active Father and son running crouch

Active Father and son running crouchSports & General Podiatry Care

For over 14 years, Allsports Podiatry has been providing foot & lower limb assessments, injury management, and sports and general orthotics to patients within multi-disciplinary, sports medicine clinics throughout Brisbane. Our Podiatrists are highly skilled in all areas of diagnosis and treatment. Contact us for an appointment today.

Digital Gait Analysis

Allsports Podiatry uses Computerised Digital Gait Analysis which allows us to take slow-motion footage of a patient’s gait pattern whilst walking or running on a treadmill. Our software then assists us to analyse this footage so we can obtain a better understanding of gait pattern and hence provide more effective orthotic therapy and/or footwear recommendations if required. The state of the art software Allsports Podiatry uses to perform this analysis is called Silicon Coach.

Custom Foot Orthotics

At Allsports Podiatry we take pride in ensuring your orthotics are made to the highest quality using the latest materials & most accurate methods; such as 3D laser foot scanning and computer-aided design & manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Our Podiatrists take a very hands-on approach in the manufacturing of your orthotics. Following your consultation & biomechanical analysis, your podiatrist spends time each week in our own exclusive lab right here in Brisbane. This ensures the most accurately prescribed & customised orthotic possible.

Paediatric Assessments

At Allsports Podiatry we assess and treat children of all ages. Making sure that your child is following the normal developmental milestones is important in preventing problems with walking and running at later stages in life. If your child is experiencing pain from an overuse injury or “growing pains” we can help to relieve pain by addressing issues such as tightness, weakness, poor foot mechanics, inefficient walking/running pattern and incorrect footwear.