Young child jumping

Young child skipping with physiotherapistHard Core Kids® is a unique physiotherapy based exercise program for kids, from 3-18yrs.

Hard Core Kids® was developed by our Managing Partner, Nicole Haynes, to create a fun, dynamic exercise environment for children targeted to optimise their physical development.

We have a variety of classes to suit the child at their various levels of development.

  • Hard Core Kids® – Motor Development – This class is for toddlers through to around 13 yrs and aims to facilitate and optimize postural control, core stability, motor development and coordination in growing children.
  • Hard Core Kids® – Cardio – This class is for children 6yrs and over and aims to develop a child’s endurance and fitness. It may be used as part of a weight management program for overweight or obese children in a fun and interactive manner to help encourage weight loss in a positive way.
  • Hard Core Kids® – Pilates – This class is for older children and provides specific core stability training, postural education and motor control. We also offer small group programs with only 4 children who all have individualised programs.
  • My Hard Core Kids® – This class is a functional, goal-directed class. Each participant in the class works towards their specific goal. Some activities will be done as a class but there may be specific activities dependent on your goal. Some examples of goals in the class so far are handstands, hair tying, shoelace tying, and running.
  • Hard Core Kids® – Holiday programs – Our holiday programs offer an intensive functional program to develop and master new and existing skills. The programs we offer include Running Technique and Speed, Ball Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Active Hands.
  • Hard Core Kids® – Bike Program (School Holidays Only) – This class is a functional and fun way of increasing your child’s skills and confidence in their bike. Hard Core Kids® Bike Program is designed to assist those children having difficulty mastering the skill of bike riding. The classes aim to encompass the multiple components of bike riding including:
    • Balance in the saddle for falls prevention and to assist with graduating off training wheels,
    • Upper and lower limb coordination for steering,
    • Leg strength and endurance for riding on different terrains,
    • Bike safety including effective stopping and starting
    • Building confidence with guided practise each day comes increased confidence any enjoyment of bike-riding.

Initial individual assessment by one of our physiotherapists is required for all children to determine suitability prior to enrolment in classes. The classes are then incorporated into an individualised program to address the specific needs and goals of your child. Classes run parallel to the school terms and in addition, we offer school holiday programs throughout the year.

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