Beth Sheehan

Physiotherapist | Accredited Exercise Physiologist​

Q Paediatrics

Beth is an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) who has re-joined the Allsports group and Q paediatrics. Beth has held a variety of positions in private practice, university sector and also works for Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Beth has previously worked in Malawi, Africa where she managed a prosthetic and orthotic clinic and assisted in facilitating the rehabilitative process for children requiring assistive devices (eg AFOs, KAFOs, hand orthosis) as well as lower limb prosthetics.

Beth has a passion for working with children with mobility disabilities and encouraging participation in physical activity and sport. Her particular interests are cerebral palsy and lower limb amputees. Beth is now registered with the NDIS and is able to provide programs for those covered by already rolled out NDIS sites.

As an exercise physiologist Beth will be providing the Hard Core Kids ® cardio programs to assist in facilitating weight loss as well as encouraging active lifestyles in a fun and interactive way.